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Now-a-days all of us wants to enjoy our music with headphones. But, what if you want to take a call? That’s where we have Top Ten headpho...

Top Ten Headphones with Mic in 2018

Now-a-days all of us wants to enjoy our music with headphones. But, what if you want to take a call? That’s where we have Top Ten headphones with mic works, they let you enjoy your music and you can also use them to throw in your two cents through calls. Many of them have exceptional audio response, only few of them focus on getting the mic down to a pat.

We have a list of best headphones with mic that you can buy in India. This top headphones with mic boast good audio quality, alongside providing convenient in-line controls and microphone to make calls on the go.

Top Ten Headphones With Mic 2018:

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0:

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 has a brilliant quality. It combines the finesse of Alcantara fabric with signature sennheiser quality of audio. The audio sounding is little too narrow, their prices begin at Rs. 15,990 and if you wish for wireless connectivity they rate will be high. You also get the Sennheiser Urbanite, which are bulkier and less premium than the Momentum 2.0 at three grand lesser.

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Bose QuietComfort 35:

Bose QC 35 wireless headphones with mic uphold and even improve their indulgence in Active Noise Cancellation. Bluetooth and ANC both play tricks on audio. Only Bose has been able to make both behave and tap their individual power simultaneously. They come with a fixed chargeable battery. These wireless headphones have a richer audio but their ANC can’t compete with Bose. They have auto power off feature to conserve charge.

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100:

The Crossfade M100 headphones with mic are the start attraction of their line-up. These headphones bring high-fashion and a slew of features with them, they are loaded with the power of deep bass. These headphones come with two detachable Kevlar- reinforced cables. One is a 3 feet SpeakEasy cable which works with all smartphones and devices with 3.5mm port. The other port can be closed with a V-Cork. Because of bass power, these headphones do well with EDM, hip hop etc.
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Bose Quietcomfort 25:

Compared to the latest Q35, Q25 had some distinct advantages. They have a separate Android and Apple models for QC 25 headphones. The mic and remote of these models are compatible with respective phones. Their plastic body is substantiated with cast zinc folding arms and hinges. ANC is powered by a AAA battery which lasts through 35 hours. The audio is lively all across the frequency range. It offers clear mic performance and Dynamic sound.
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Sony MDR 1A Premium:      

MDR 1A headphones with mic come from their hi-res line-up. Sony has done pioneering work in creating smooth audio. They can educate the casual listeners about fine music. Such base efforts find its way into the best headphones with microphone. They ship with two cables, one is a conventional OFC cable. The other one has an in-line microphone and remote. They produce natural and forgiving sound, and they are extremely comfortable.

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Logitech ClearChat Comfort:

This Logitech H390 headset can moonlight as a gaming headset and a decent music headphone as well. If your chief requirement is Skyping and other uses are secondary then this is best for you. It is a USB headset with a multipurpose peripheral. No matter what’s your volume be, it picks up your voice clear as a bell. On both windows and Mac systems, the microphone works seamlessly during Skype and other internet calls. Overall, it is an outstanding noise-cancelling mic.

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Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones:

Sony MDRXB950BT operate on a regular mode and bass-boosted audio option. This Bluetooth  headphones combine the kind of audio and microphone capabilities that a casual listener needs. Sony has been in the market from a long time enough to be on all best headphones line-up. This will stay continuously for 20 hours and can be used in weird mode when they run out of charge. They can be simultaneously paired with 2 devices. So you can pair both of your PC  and mobile connected at a time.

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Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 Stereo USB Headset for PC:

Plantronics PLNAUDIO478 headset is a top-notch peripheral coming from them. They have some of the best devices in both categories. This headset is designed for long hours of use over Skype etc and it makes a great accessory to Skype with your loved ones. When the mic is not in use then it retracts vertically towards your ear. Apart from the volume controls, there’s a mute button which is handy when you want to cut out noise from your side. It can be connected to both windows and Mac systems.
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BOHM Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Inline Microphone:

BOHM graceful curves collaborate with detectable audio to enter our best headphones with mic list. Bluetooth execution can rival Bose and Beats headphones even at BOHM’s nominal price. It has 18 hour battery life, noise cancellation is definitely much better than what you get out of a passive on-ear headphone. These headphones can be used in weird mode. So, there is an integrated mic on the cable allows you to take calls hands-free even when you are using weird mode.
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Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones:

Bowers & Wilkins P7 compete with top headphones in their price range in terms of audio and comfort. These are available in both wired and wireless models. The headphones come with two cables, a standard cable without mic and another one with mic and iPhone-friendly remote. They use a 2.5 mm port on the ear cup end and a 3.5 mm port to connect to playback devices. Their dynamic sound lends equal support to bass, treble and mid range.

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Here, are the list of Top Ten Headphones with mic, hope we covered the best list of top ten headphones. If we miss any of top headphone then please let us know by commenting in the comment section below. Hope you like this article, stay tuned for further updates and shares with your friends too.           

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