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For all the music lovers out there, here is a huge list of Top Ten Portable Speakers under 5000 which is an affordable price. Basically,...

Top Ten Portable Speakers Under 5000

For all the music lovers out there, here is a huge list of Top Ten Portable Speakers under 5000 which is an affordable price. Basically, we all are music lovers. But we all know we never stay at a lonely place all the time, we travel a lot and while we travelling we definitely need some music. So, here portable speakers offer the right mix of performance and features.

These speakers can play audio via Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm audio jack and some speakers also has NFC. Most of them are water and dust resistant. We list Top Ten portable speakers under 5000. Which you can buy right now.

Top Ten Portable Speakers Under 5000:


JBL Go is a small portable speaker which you can carry easily while travelling. It is very powerful and affordable all at once. It can be connected via Bluetooth or aux, and churn out good audio performance. It offers almost 7-8 hours battery life, and available in different colors.
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Philips SBA3010:    

This Philips speaker is amazingly shaped like a hand-grenade. It is available in different colors, we wouldn’t call its sound “explosive”. It works fairly well, especially with its different bass frequencies. This Philips speaker also has a microphone and lets to answer calls, when paired to your phone.
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Portronics Sublime 2:

Portronics sublime 2 offers good 2.1 speaker setup. It provides a number of features for its price, along with the speaker setup it also comes with an in-built FM radio. This speaker supports microSD cards upto 32GB, has aux input and NFC. Moreover, it has a good sound quality.
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Logitech X100:

The Logitech X100 is a circular device which exactly fits in our palm. There is a 3.5 mm input and a micro-USB port for charging the speaker. Even in high frequencies it maintained a warm sound signature. Overall it is a portable, pocket- friendly, and promises a good sound.
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Creative Muvo Mini:

This portable speaker contains every desirable feature you seek out in a Bluetooth speaker. It has full sound, attractive design and a long battery life, it has a cherry on top, and it is water proof and dust proof. It comes with a mic port and supports NFC pairing. It is an unbeatable deal.
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Jabra Solemate:

Jabra solemate has a small body and offers 2.1 speaker setup in it, this is a rugged portable speaker. It’s body is made up of poly carbonate and rubber, it can withstand knocks, small bumps and even water splashes. Moreover it offers a good sound quality.
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Logitech X300:

The Logitech X300 is a good looking portable speaker and is spectacularly loud and it does justice to the popular music. It has a large battery and can last long upto 10 hours. It can be placed both vertically and horizontally. X300 has a stereo Speaker system with dual speaker setup.
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Creative Muvo 20:

This is a wireless Bluetooth speaker with a lot of useful features. That you don’t see a another speaker at this price. It also had a second USB port that allows you to use the Muvo 20 as a portable phone charger. It can play upto 10 hours music on a single charge.
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JBL Flip II:

This portable Bluetooth speaker is really popular one. It is compact, but also has two drivers, each rated at 6W. This speaker also offers NFC support. It is equipped with Sound clear technology, offering louder and crisper audio experience. It also has a 2000 mAH battery which lasts 5 hours.
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Logitech Mini Ultimate Ears Boombox:

This portable Bluetooth speaker is undoubtedly the most popular product in its segment. It is not only really compact, but its 10W speaker is also capable of producing excellent audio output. It suits for both office desk and beside table, and this Mini UE Boombox has good looks.
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Here are the list of Top Ten Portable Speakers Under 5000 india, hope we covered the best list of portable speakers. If we miss any of them do comment in the comment section, hope you will like this article. Do share for others too, stay tuned for further updates.

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