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Do you own a Blog or thinking to start a Blog? Then you should definetely read this. Which platform you are going to choose Blogger or Wo...

Blogger Vs Wordpres - Which blogging platform is better?

Do you own a Blog or thinking to start a Blog? Then you should definetely read this. Which platform you are going to choose Blogger or WordPress? Are you getting confused with blogger Vs wordpress which one to choose? Come and join me here, this article is for you let us find a solution and put steps forward for your success.

Making money from Blogging is trending these days and everyone is looking at it as their career option, but there are some important things to take care before you start your blog. You need to be very clear about what niche you are going to write your blog.

When everthing is set ready and before creating your blog you need to choose the Blogging platform in either Blogger platform or WordPress. For beginners it is very difficult to choose the platform to start their own blog. There are some advantages and disadvantages that every beginner should know before starting a blog. By seeing this guide you will know what is the difference between Blogger Vs WordPress. Come let us see How to choose Blogging Platform Blogger Vs WordPress.


Blogger is very popular Blogging Platform where you can choose some custom domain by utilizing its blog publishing service. Blogger.com provides you a subdomain which is hosted by Google. People can also have their custom domain of blogger free of cost. One has to redirect a custom domain URL to blogspot domain through DNS facility. As this service is hosted by Google they can login in with their Gmail accounts. Blogger is also providing its service in many numbers of languages.

Advantages of Blogger Platform:

  1.  As it provides free hosting service, it is comfortable to opt for Blogger.
  2.  These blogs mostly will not be found downtime as it runs on Google Servers.
  3.  If you know basic HTML you can customize your blog template easily according to your need.
  4.  Geotagging is there to add location to posts.
  5.  Available in many languages.


Beginners need to be careful in choosing WordPress as it looks a bit complicated when compared to Blogger. Here WordPress charges you for hosting your blog with Damian name. But when you get habituated to use WordPress you feel it very comfortable than Blogger as it is having some advanced features in it. In today`s competition we can say that WordPress is having a good Content Management System which is very powerful.

Advantages of WordPress Platform:

  1.       This platform can provide you many advanced features.
  2.          You can also find number of themes in WordPress.
  3.           Here you have plugins in-built so, that makes your work much easier.
  4.         Customization of Themes is little difficult but will be very professional way.
  5.          More number of features will reduce your work

Disadvantages of Blogger and WordPress:

Your content can be deleted by Google at any time if you violate the rules and regulations of blogger as it is hosted by Google. WordPress blog can be hacked which is proved from the past records. Beginners find it expensive when comes to WordPress. Some limited features of Blogger will put a knot on your hands as it has no advanced features. Beginners find WordPress very difficult.

Blogger is not having well optimized themes for Mobiles, where as WordPress have some themes specially optimized for Mobile. WordPress is provide some advanced feature like guest posting which is absent in Blogger. This feature will make users to contribute their content also you can give them a role as contributor.

Now from all the above features, advantages and disadvantages you choose your platform Blogger or WordPress. As a beginner it is always suggested to start a blog in Blogger and later you can migrate from Blogger to WordPress. Migration of Blogger to WordPress is very easy and you will not have any Data loss in it.  Both Blogger and WordPress are good at their boundaries, it depends on you to choose which platform according to your needs.

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