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Dear readers here we go with the first interview session. Here we have the inspiring and Success stories fo few start ups. Iam very glad to...

Interview with Gaurav Agarwal - SMVA Consultants

Dear readers here we go with the first interview session. Here we have the inspiring and Success stories fo few start ups. Iam very glad to take this interview of Gavrav Agarwal, he is very inspiring and frankly shared his views with us. Continue to read the story of Gaurav Agarwal

Interview with Gaurav Agarwal - SMVA Consultants:

Me: First Of all thanks Gaurav Agarwal for the interview, Tell me something about yourself!

Gaurav: Im a positive thinker.By qualification I’m a Chartered Accountant which I completed after clearing my Graduation(B.com-hons) from St.Xaviers college,Kolkata

Me: What is SMVA Consultants is all about?

Gaurav: SMVA Consultants is running on the concept of “Recruit,train and retain”. We are serving clients across 15 countries with our services in the fields of HR and training

Me: How and when did you start this SMVA Consultants?

Gaurav: It was initiated as the service wing of SMVA Group(which started as SMVA traders Pvt Ltd in 1997) by Mr.Ashish Agarwal by advent in online trainings. In 2013 I ramped up and moved to the domains like HR and corporate trainings

Me: How do you see yourself without  SMVA?

Gaurav: Unimaginable!! Most of my time goes into strategy making for SMVA and having meetings for expansion purpose.

Me: According to You, What are the essential requirements to become a successful person in your career?

Gaurav: Being true to your work. Consistent hard work with the right strategy will certainly make your journey successful. Rest as they say, Everyone has their own clock when it comes to achievement of success.

Me: When did you receive your first income from SMVA and What is your feeling that moment?

Gaurav: It started within 3 months of our inception. The feeling was beyond words. It was a milestone moment.

Me: Apart from SMVA Consultants, do you have any other interests?

Gaurav: I love learning and upgrading myself with the latest technologies ,market ideas, innovations, etc. Also I spend time mentoring students colleagues entrepreneurs.

Me: What is your Success Formula for the readers?

Gaurav: There is no set formula to success in this dynamic digital world. Just stay updated, Don’t be a follower, but try and be a leader.

Me: Your Future Plans in expansion of your business?

Gaurav: SMVA’s next phase of expansion includes rolling out engagement proposals Globally in the following capacity:
  • Full time Employment – (Recruitment / Business Development)
    Part Time Employment – (Recruitment / Business Development)
    •Regional/ Zonal Representatives (Business Development)
    •Franchisee Partners
    •Partnership (Only open to similar trade people)
    •Board of Advisors (Only open to domain specific experts)

Me: Final words for all those reading this article and want to be successful like you?

Gaurav: Keep learning. DO always remember; Everyone has a different clock.Wait for your time”

I hope you are enjoyed this simple yet inspiring chat with Gaurav Agarwal. After this interview i definetely believe this guy will reach heights in his future endevours. All wishes to Gaurav Agarwal and his family who supported him in every walk of his life.

Finally this story of Gaurav Agarwal - SMVA Consultants is very inspiring. Good luck to the team.

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