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Blog post writing is somewhat easy but, “ How to Write SEO optimized Blog Post ” is not very easy. There are many things to follow to wri...

How to Write SEO Optimised Blog Post

Blog post writing is somewhat easy but, “How to Write SEO optimized Blog Post” is not very easy. There are many things to follow to write a seo optimized blog post.  There is a post structure to follow while writing a blog post. All these elements are designed keeping mind the readers who are going to visit the page should stay tuned for more stuff from the author. SEO optimized blog post can drive more audience to your blog than a normal blog post. Let us see some important things to remember before you write an SEO Optimized Blog Post.

Starting from heading to the conclusion everywhere you should use proper words in order to write an SEO Optimized post. To your basic writing skills if are going to add the below points then you are successful in writing a blog post which is fully SEO Optimized.

How to Write SEO Optimised Blog Post:

Select the Keywords and Plan your Blog Post:

First and for most thing you should do is select the keyword you are going to target. Now once you got your keyword frame a title that you are going to write. Title must contain the keyword you are going to target. This title can be constructed by using the phrases that some readers are searching very frequently.

How to Use Keywords:

Keyword you choose should be placed in some points of your blog post so that you can write some super good optimized post. So for that what you need to do is to use those keywords in Title, Introduction, Heading, Anchor Text, Meta descriptions and Conclusions. These are the important places you can apply the keywords to get good results.

Write Your Post:

Once you frame the title you can directly go into your post and write what`s on your mind. Now here there are three steps Introduction, body of post and conclusion. In introduction you need to tell why you are writing this post and what inspired you to write this post something like that. Next in body you need give brief description of the topic you choose. Then in Conclusion ask audience to express their views and conclude the post.

Optimize your Images:

In your post while you upload a picture make sure you are giving it a proper name that includes keywords. You know images can also be optimized to get more traffic. Once Google finds some images optimized it will push the traffic as you are including the related keyword. So it is very important to optimize your blog post along with the images you upload.

Ask someone to read your post:

When you read you own blog post you may not find mistakes. As you already have something in your mind to write to post you may understand it properly. But people who read may not understand sometimes. So make them read and ask whether they got the main point of writing the post. Some people are really good at criticizing which is very good for you and also your blog.

Length of the Article:

Google likes to see lengthy articles with at least 500+ words in it. As it likes lengthy articles you should not use unrelated topics there. Blog post should be lengthy but not more than 700 words because more words in your post may scare your audience. Sometimes more lengthy articles may bore the readers.

Give some Internal Links:

You may also have some other content that is very much close to the topic you are presently dealing with. So at some places if required you can provide link to that post and ask reader to visit that page for more information. Also these links are very much helpful to rank your site very soon.

Hope we gave you detailed information about How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Post. Keeping in mind all the above points you can write a blog post very interesting and SEO optimized. You can share your thoughts by commenting below.

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